Wine flavouring with re-claimed oak

Oakbak is the recovery of unexploited heartwood oak from within the staves of a decommissioned barrel. Re-use your expired oak barrels to extract virgin heartwood oak planks for a fraction of the cost of new barrels.

We take your decommissioned barrels and break them down into individual staves. All the wine-affected oak is removed and discarded and the remaining virgin oak is then toasted to order using the patented FIRVIN process. In this way, the 2.1m2 internal surface area of a 225L barrel yields approximately 8m2 of reclaimed oak battens, substantially increasing the volume of wine which can be matured using the same oak wood.

The oak that is returned to you is barrel oak, pure and simple. The oak contains the same flavour compounds and important oak volatiles that are found in new oak. Not only that, the FIRVIN technology used by Oakbak has been proven to eliminate any spoilage carryover from the Brettanomyces yeast. View article

We all know that oak is a precious and finite resource. Only two 225 litre barrels can be made from the heartwood of a single oak tree that is 80-120 years old. Oak from Oakbak is sustainable and environmentally responsible. And with four times more oak surface area than the original barrel form for significantly less cost, it is also cost effective.

You can use your own barrels, or we can source barrels for you, it’s your choice. That’s the beauty of Oakbak – the winemaker has total control.

If you would like an oak sample, please contact us.

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  • Elite Hardwood Oak
  • Barrel profile replication
  • Cost effective
  • Sustainable
  • Environmentally friendly


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