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Developed, engineered and manufactured in South Australia.

The new Ausvat-manufactured Stakvat is a 900-litre stainless steel maturation vessel that can be stacked vertically, hence the name. The simple stacking system means that 60% more wine can be stored in the same place as that occupied by barrels on racks. Being stainless steel, of course, means they never have to be replaced, with a corrosion rate of only 0.1mm every 500 years.

The innovative door design has two doors (one each side) with a simple guide system that captures and holds in place, 2 food grade exchangeable maturation membranes (one in each door) The membrane exchange is done by simply opening the maturation doors and sliding the membranes in or out using the guide system integral with the door.

These membranes can be of different food grade and or air permeable materials such as Polyethylene (PE) or non permeable material such as Stainless Steel for an inert environment or finished wines. Recent successful wine maturation trials have shown by application of different thicknesses of membranes, the wine maturation times for the 900litre volume are directly proportional to the maturation membrane thickness.

That is, the thinner the membrane the faster the maturation time. Conversely, the thicker the membrane, the slower the maturation time.

An infinite range of control regimes is available when using Stakvats, and all at very low costs per litre.
Stakvats are available to purchase outright, rent short or long-term, or lease/buy and we can assist you with finding suitable finance for rent or lease deals.

For more information on Stakvat and to arrange a viewing, please contact us.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Choice of PE membranes
  • 900 litre storage volume
  • Quick release doors
  • Stack up to 4 high


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